AFE 2021: Nature Journaling – Combining Science and Art

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Join Kristin Link to learn about nature journaling and steps to start a journal of your own. Whether you are a seasonal artist or a beginner, nature journaling is a great way to explore and document the world right outside your door and gain a deeper understanding of the natural environment. Students are encouraged to bring a journal or a ...

AFE 2021: A Year in the Life of a Yukon River Salmon Manager

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This session will give the speakers perspective on how salmon managers on the Yukon River coordinate and implement a salmon management program.He will also share some of the challenges that managers facein managing a multi-stock, multi-use, gauntlet fishery through 2,000 miles of river, andacross two countries. Speaker: Gerald Maschmann, USFWSModerator: Bridget Crokus, USFWS

AFE 2021: Sustainable and Attainable: Sustainability at the Federal and Local Levels

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Significant efforts are underway to make the U.S. government and Alaska more sustainable. Presidential executive orders require federal agencies to develop plans at the national level to adapt to climate change and improve sustainability in federal operations. These federal initiatives are likely to affect Alaska communities as well. Since local governments are responsible for implementing many sustainable initiatives, how such ...

AFE 2021: What is impaired land? Join the SAIL Team to Learn About Impaired Land and How Its Managed

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Join the Statewide Abatement of Impaired Land Section (SAIL) to learn about impaired land and how it is managed by the Department of Natural Resources. Section members will present on Department of Natural Resources (DNR) role in managing contamination, spills, solid waste, and abandoned and derelict vessels (ADVs) on DNR-managed land and waters, describing their role coordinating and partnering with ...

AFE Special Session – We Want to Hear From You! Provide Feedback for Future AFE Conference

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Join the Alaska Forum and AFE Planning Committee Members for an open conversation about the future of the Alaska Forum on the Environment conference. We want to hear from you about feedback and opinions when it comes to attending in-person events again, what you like or dislike about virtual events and where your comfort level is with events with the ...

AFE 2021: Hazard Mitigation Planning for Small, Rural and/or Tribal Communities: Focus on Metlakatla

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Hazard mitigation plans are the foundation for a community's long-term strategy to prevent hazards from developing into disasters, or to reduce the effects of disasters when they occur. The hazard mitigation planning process is as important as the hazard mitigation plan itself as it creates a framework for risk-based decision making. This module will provide a brief overview of hazard ...

AFE 2021: Good, Better, Best – A Disaster Preparedness Campaign

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Good, Better, Best is a State of Alaska campaign to encourage Alaskans to become more prepared for disasters. The campaign focuses on breaking the process of personal emergency preparedness down to a set of smaller, more attainable goals. This makes the process less overwhelming mentally and financially. Using a stepped method we encourage people to become self-sufficient for 3 days ...