Hazardous Material IATA 12 Hour Class#29946

Online or Environmental Management Inc., 206 E Fireweed Ln #201, Anchorage, AK 99503, USA

Hazardous Materials Transportation IATA 12 Hour This class meets the training requirements of 49CFR Parts 700-704. It is designed for those responsible for preparing Dangerous Goods shipments for air transportation only. Classroom material covers classification, preparation of Dangerous Goods Declaration and Air Waybill, packaging, marking, labeling, compatibility, and load segregation.

AFE 2021: Hot Topics in Invasive Species Management

Alaska Forum Virtual Attendee Hub

Invasive species pose a growing threat to all our natural resources in Alaska. Invasive species prevention and management activities are conducted in Alaska and can help slow the developing threats. This session will introduce participants to three invasive species hot topics: biosecurity practices, invasive pike management, and invasive chokecherry trees. Participants will gain familiarity with these hot topics, and an ...