AFE 2021: Responding From Afar: New Oil Spill Response Technologies

Innovative technologies are enabling responders to obtain more information about oil spills and respond from a safe distance. These new advancements include the Arctic Domain Awareness Center’s long-range autonomous underwater vehicle that can observe and collect samples undersea and under ice to characterize oil spills and other environmental hazards. This technology can also help create a baseline of data for ...

AFE 2021: DEC Virtual Inspections Pilot Program

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The COVID-19 pandemic raised important concerns regarding certain aspects of how the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation protects public health and our environment. In particular, travel to rural communities to conduct on-site inspections could violate local travel restrictions and introduce the virus to remote areas. To help prevent transmission of COVID-19, DEC explored virtual inspections as a way to ensure ...

AFE Keynote: A Virtual Fireside Chat with Best-Selling Alaska Author Dana Stabenow

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Join Elder Patricia Cochran (Inupiaq) at 12:30pm, Thursday, Feb. 11 at when they sit down with best-selling Alaska Author Dana Stabenow to discuss her life, book characters and offer insights for prospective authors (and maybe even a new secret about her most-famous character, Kate Shugak). Best-Selling Alaska Author Dana Stabenow was born in Alaska in 1952 and was raised in ...

AFE 2021: Driving Toward the Future – Electric Vehicles and Alaska

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are poised to transform the transportation and electricity sectors and can reduce transportation costs, increase local jobs and business, localize the benefit of transportation energy expenditures, and improve public health and the environment. The trend in other states and countries is unmistakably electric. But what about Alaska? This session will summarize the Alaska EV landscape, the challenges ...

Film Festival: The McKinley Fire: Rebuilding and Lessons Learned

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The 2019 McKinley Fire devastated a 10-mile stretch of homes along Alaska's Parks Highway. This video describes the fire and its aftermath through interviews with residents and fire professionals, and discusses ways to protect structures from wildfires.Filmmaker: Amanda Byrd

Film Festival: Fisheries and Hydrokinetic Engergy

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Hydrokinetic energy devices are being tested in the Kvichak River near the Alaska community of Igiugig and at the Tanana. Learn now salmon interact with them. Alaska has approximately 90% of the total tidal energy and approximately 60% of the total wave energy in the U.S. The high cost of power in Alaska is spurring many communities to consider accessing ...

Film Festival: Upriver and Down, Salmon are Common Ground

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Connect with the Copper River watershed virtually through documentary-style video footage featuring interviews and stories from community members in the watershed, amazing scenery from the Copper River watershed region, and the projects that the Copper River Watershed Project is working on.Filmmaker: Shae Bowman